Why Choose AMS?

Additional AMS Value Added Services provided for our clients:

  1. We make your job easier. When an organization signs a service agreement with AMS to provide services to their facility, they aren’t just going to get their building cleaned – they also receive a full range of supporting managed services. Managed services means that we are responsible for all the supervision, training, quality assurance inspections, periodic maintenance scheduling, product and equipment selection and so on and so on. Our clients focus on their core functions instead of handling all the headaches!

  2. We handle it all! Another benefit is the wide umbrella of facility services that AMS can offer. AMS has a wide network of both trained and certified service providers and can offer a wide range of these services and the support staff behind them so both our customer and our service providers can enjoy having the peace of mind and convenience that goes along with this multi-purpose service.

  3. Supplier Diversity. Advanced Maintenance Solutions, LLC is recognized by the Wisconsin Dept. of Commerce as both a Minority Business Enterprise and a Woman Business Owned Enterprise. It is recognized today that a diverse supply base offers a competitive advantage in today’s multicultural business economy. Some of our clients are required to show they actively have these diversity supplier relationships in place. AMS is able to support these efforts with not one, but two certifications.

  4. Security. Who’s in my building? All AMS Professionals operate under AMS policies and procedures that ensure strict safety and security measures are being upheld at all times while under contract to provide services to any AMS customer. AMS maintains continuously updated records of the services and staff that are authorized to be in your facility through cloud based file sharing technology. Want to view pictures of who cleans your building? See their latest training and safety certification records? View the latest quality assurance inspection report at any of your facility locations? All available to you 24/7, at no additional cost.

  5. Facility Consumables. AMS handles our clients’ facility consumables such as janitorial supplies, trash liners, hand soap, paper toweling and toilet paper, to name just a few items. Our customers benefit from significant savings in both time managing inventory and cost.

  6. Safety comes first at AMS. We have effective safety management systems in place, including Safety training, and conduct regular Worksite Safety Inspections designed to identify potential hazards and evaluate compliance requirements. Our professionals also stay current on Bloodborne Pathogens & Hazard Communication Certifications.

  7. Our Training. Our service-delivery training program focuses on teaching the very processes that have made AMS a leader in the industry. Extensive on-the-job training ensures that our qualified staff outshines the competition by delivering better results faster.

  8. Sustainability Programs. Our Eco-Friendly programs are not only good for the environment; it’s healthier for your occupants and your bottom line.

We treat each and every customer as though our livelihood depends on their satisfaction, because quite frankly... it does. ~ Christine Schad

They will do whatever it takes to make you happy! I strongly recommend them based on their performance and price. We look forward to a long term relationship with Advanced Maintenance Solutions, LLC

J.H., Green Bay, WI

We pledge ourselves to continually provide our customers with responsive, team-oriented service in a safe, reliable, caring cost effective manner while maintaining quality and excellence in every job we do.